I love the blogging process.  It is a fabulous method of catharsis.  I love sharing my musings.  I love writing.  I actually like having my blog be public as people all over the world have told me that they gain inspiration from my writing.  Whether recipes or politics, my blog has had a positive impact on many, strangers and friends.

However, between the ogre and my mother, they seem to have nothing better to do with their lives.  Both creep my blog for ammunition to use against me.  I never intended to censor myself, and never will.  Do I care what they read?  Not really.  But when they have created a hobby of interfering in my life, I am needing to protect myself a little better.  I mean really, who reads hundreds of entries of someone they dislike, just to get ammo?  And then who posts passive aggressive status updates referencing said entries?  Well, I guess they do.  Personally, I would try to be the bigger person, and not waste my precious time being so petty.  I certainly do not have hours to waste trying to dig up dirt on my enemies.  I just don’t care.  They certainly do not deserve my time nor attention.  Therefore, drumrider is closing down.

Never fret my loyal readers!  A new blog is being born as we speak!  I will be publishing entries on my favourite social networking sites.  At this point, the new blog will not be googleable until I figure out technical settings and such.  It’s a shame that two small minded nitwits are tainting the process from those who really benefit from blogging, mostly myself and close friends, but encompassing many.

The new blog will be accesable by clicking on the links provided.  My appologies to all those who loved drumrider.  Hopefully, the new blog will be bigger and better.