Dear Adele Marie Collymore Larsen,

I’m so sorry.  I’m so sorry that I must take away your very favourite hobby.  I know that you love spending your time at work, several times a week, stalking me online by googling my old blog.  I must delete every post.  I turned out to be over 400 pages on Microsoft Word.  That’s right, as much as you claim to hate me, you have spent your time so obsessed that you have read 400 pages of my writing, and are still hungry for more as you continue to google my blog several times a week.  You don’t have internet at home, so clearly, you are doing this during work hours.  I’m so sorry that I am still such a threat to you that you have developed this obsession.  But, I suppose someone with sub par intelligence such as yourself probably doesn’t have many hobbies.

You also lack the understanding that you are with a man who refuses to find full-time work, and forces you to support him, and to put up with custody drama (which includes dealing with me) while he stays at home and plays Nintendo.  This is why I kicked him out.  I was young and naive and got pregnant right away.  I supported his lazy ass as long as I could, but I got smart and tossed him out.  Now he’s found a new dumb bitch to bring in the paycheck.  I had a baby with him.  I tolerated it as long as I could.  What’s your excuse?

Lemme tell you, he’s not worth it.  He’s not worth you working your fingers to the bone every day, while in the 13 years I have known him he has not been able to maintain full-time employment.  It is no coincidence that he started this legal custody trouble one month after I get a good job, especially considering he has not paid child support in a year.  Don’t think for a second that this is about anything other than money for him.

I am stuck dealing with that piece of shit because I made the mistake of procreating with him.   Though I hate the man, we are a part of each other’s baggage.  You stay because you are not smart enough to leave.

Think of that.  How many hours have you wasted reading my blog, searching my blog, quoting it on facebook, and fuming angry at me?  You chose that reaction.  You choose to stay with a man who lies to you, refuses to work full-time, and has been a dead-beat dad on and off for a decade.  But you chose to sty with a worthless leech.  And yet you find his ex so much of a threat that you must obsess over her while you are at work.  Pathetic, I say.  Typically, if I don’t like someone, I don’t bother with them.  You are clearly not capable of that level of maturity, as you continue to stalk me online.  I hate that I have to degrade myself to your level to deal with your bullshit, but you have left me little choice.

I’m stuck dealing with this because I love my child.  You are dealing with this because you choose to stay married to an asshole.  It’s up to you how things go from here.

And just to make this entry easy to find…

drumrider snicklefritz schnickelfritz letting her go

those are the search engine terms you put in, so it should make things easy.

Speaking of google searches, try googling your name now.  Every time any employer ever searches your full name, they will know what you do with your hours at work, and how you allow your husband to use you for a pay cheque.

Since you have had such a hard time googling my blog, the new one can be found at

you’re welcome,




I love the blogging process.  It is a fabulous method of catharsis.  I love sharing my musings.  I love writing.  I actually like having my blog be public as people all over the world have told me that they gain inspiration from my writing.  Whether recipes or politics, my blog has had a positive impact on many, strangers and friends.

However, between the ogre and my mother, they seem to have nothing better to do with their lives.  Both creep my blog for ammunition to use against me.  I never intended to censor myself, and never will.  Do I care what they read?  Not really.  But when they have created a hobby of interfering in my life, I am needing to protect myself a little better.  I mean really, who reads hundreds of entries of someone they dislike, just to get ammo?  And then who posts passive aggressive status updates referencing said entries?  Well, I guess they do.  Personally, I would try to be the bigger person, and not waste my precious time being so petty.  I certainly do not have hours to waste trying to dig up dirt on my enemies.  I just don’t care.  They certainly do not deserve my time nor attention.  Therefore, drumrider is closing down.

Never fret my loyal readers!  A new blog is being born as we speak!  I will be publishing entries on my favourite social networking sites.  At this point, the new blog will not be googleable until I figure out technical settings and such.  It’s a shame that two small minded nitwits are tainting the process from those who really benefit from blogging, mostly myself and close friends, but encompassing many.

The new blog will be accesable by clicking on the links provided.  My appologies to all those who loved drumrider.  Hopefully, the new blog will be bigger and better.